Extra Strength Combo, Tote and Bin Liners

Extra Strength Combo, Tote and Bin Liners

Extra Strength Combo, Tote and Bin Liners are used to protect and preserve products during storage and transport in a variety of industries, from food packaging to moving heavy loads, to leak- and tear-resistant storage.

Exclusive recyclable (HDPE #2) Polyfresh-XS features improved sealed strength, tear resistance and leak resistance options. 

With puncture- and tear-resistant properties, our combo liners reduce the risk of damage created by sharp edges, such as bone-in beef, pork or other food products as well as heavy-duty parts and components. 

Layflat and leak-resistant bags are available in up to 112” width and 1.5 mil and above thickness. As a special feature, layflat barrier liners could be available in the same dimensions.

Similar to our standard combo, tote and bin liners, you can choose from a variety of colours (red, blue, yellow, white, black, green and more) and opt to have one colour random placement print to show company establishment codes, logos and other labels. 

We offer additional options, such as a superior oxygen barrier, water vapour barrier, enhanced preservation and extension of shelf life. 

Liners can also be manufactured with a UVI (ultraviolet inhibitor) additive to ensure product integrity and avoid harmful UV damage or a VCI (volatile corrosion inhibitor) additive to protect metal products against discolouration and corrosion. UVI is available in 6- or 12-month options.

To request a quote or find out more about Extra Strength Combo, Tote and Bin Liners, call us or fill out a form below — one of our Product Managers will be happy to help. 

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