Super Polyfresh Hot Fill Bags and Film

Super Polyfresh Hot Fill Bags and Film

Hot fill is a method that uses heat to sterilize strongly acidic liquid foods and beverages to extend their shelf life in non-refrigerated conditions without the use of preservatives. This helps prevent the reproduction of harmful microorganisms that would cause the product to spoil. 

Super Polyfresh Hot Fill Bags and Film are ultra-clear, and designed for excellent machinability and consistency. The film can be used by your vertical and horizontal form fill and seal machines as well as MAP automated equipment, is suitable for high-speed production environments and features enhanced heat resistance up to 212 ºF with low initial sealing temperature.

Our high-barrier packaging has a low oxygen transmission rate, which means that your food stays fresher longer, extending the shelf life of your meats, fish, soups and sauces. 

Available from 2.5 mil and up in thickness.

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