Vapour Barrier Film (Super Six™, Super Ten™, Super 15™)

Vapour Barrier Film (Super Six™, Super Ten™, Super 15™)

Our vapour barrier film controls vapour diffusion in wall systems, preventing water vapour and moisture from reaching building walls, ceilings, attics, crawl spaces, roofs and floors, reducing the risk of fungus, mildew and mold growth. In addition, vapour barrier provides insulation and protection against harmful soil gas emissions, such as methane and radon.

Super Six is 6 mil (0.15 mm) in gauge and meets all requirements of the CAN/CGSB 51.34-M86 standard.

Our Super Six line of products is available in sizes ranging from 12” to 28 ft and offered in custom widths and lengths. Smaller sizes from 12” to 18” are used for flashings protection around doors, windows and trim, electrical boxes and floor joists.

Super Ten provides excellent puncture and tear resistance at 10 mil thickness (0.25 mm) and most commonly used below concrete slabs, in crawl spaces and for foundation damp proofing.

Super 15 poly is also available for applications requiring 15 mil flexible poly film to meet job specifications.

Always in stock. CGSB approved and designed for use in building construction.

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