General Purpose Plastic Sheeting

General Purpose Plastic Sheeting

Light, medium and heavy polyethylene sheeting are general-purpose plastic film products for use in a variety of construction projects (from commercial scale to small indoor and outdoor home renovations). 

Lightweight and easy to use, our poly film protects surfaces, floors, walls, furniture and windows during painting, stuccoing, sanding and other construction activities. It’s also commonly used for concrete, road, curb and sidewalk applications where curing and weather protection are required.

Other applications include landscaping projects and soil erosion protection, crawlspace encapsulation, dust and dirt protection, outdoor equipment and machinery protection, and offers protection for furniture, appliances and mattresses when moving.

Various sizes, colours and gauges (thicknesses), ranging from 0.5 mil to 20 mil, are available covering all general purpose plastic sheeting requirements.

Our plastic film can be recycled after use since it’s made with 100% PE resins (#4 logo).

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