CO2 Tubing

CO2 Tubing

CO2 Tubing allows for the passage of carbon dioxide through custom-made polyethylene tubes directly to your plants, increasing their growth rate.

We provide custom hole sizing and placement to ensure your plants receive the correct amount of CO2 based on your CO2 machinery flow rates and length to delivery. 

Our CO2 plastic tubes are manufactured from high-grade resins, which makes them flexible and resistant to punctures. They are also disposable to allow for a complete clean-out of your greenhouse.

The greenhouse tubing comes ready-to-install, in custom sizes with pre-cut punched holes. It is easy to set up, install, clean and replace as needed. 

All our tubing is available in clear so you can monitor any issues in your lines.

To request a quote or find out more about CO2 Tubing, call us or fill out a form below — one of our Product Managers will be happy to help.

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