Basement Foundation Wrap

Basement Foundation Wrap

Our Basement Foundation Wrap is an effective and cost-efficient solution for unfinished walls. It is designed for use in crawl spaces as well as residential and commercial basement areas.

Foundation wrap protects basement walls from moisture that leads to mold, mildew and odour problems. It also helps reduce air leaks around sill and header plates.

Laminated with fiberglass insulation, basement house wrap provides a continuous vapour barrier to protect your wall system, offering cost-saving thermal protection and noise-cancelling properties.

When installing drywall during construction, you can stud right over the basement wrap for quick and effective results.

Manufactured with Super-Six CGSB-approved 6 mil vapour barrier, this poly film meets all CAN/CGSB 51.344-M86 standard requirements and conforms to the Ontario Building Code and the NBC (National Building Code of Canada) standards.

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